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Ethical marketing case study. Girl with backpack.

About Madlug

Type of business: A luggage-maker manufacturer with a purpose.

Madlug stands for “Make a Difference Luggage”. This BCorp-registered company works on a buy-one-give-one model. It gives a travel bag to a child in care for every bag or backpack purchased. Thousands of children in care across the UK and Ireland move with their belongings in a black rubbish bag and Madlug is on a mission to end this indignity.


  • To create and maintain a Google Ads campaign to increase sales.
  • To create SEO-rich copy.
  • To monitor and report on trends and keywords to support content campaign. Provide SEO recommendations.
  • Ethical marketing.

What we delivered

  • A Google Ads campaign, combining, Shopping, PPC and YouTube.
  • Reports containing trends, trending keywords and SEO recommendations.
  • Copywriting services – SEO-rich product copy and website content.


  • A high ROI Google Ads campaign. ROI of 8.5:1 over Christmas.
  • Increased visibility in search engine results.
    • Rising above major competitors for certain products.