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Ethical Marketing

Marketing with ethics

Are you a business doing good things? Are you looking for marketing services from a business you can trust – that also shares your values?

We are ethical marketers. We provide ethical marketing services for ethical businesses.

What exactly does that mean?

It means we love working with brands with purpose. We are lucky enough to work with many fabulous businesses that have a mission, do something good and put something back.

If we are trusted by these businesses, then it is only right that we provide an ethical service in return.

As ethical marketers, here are some things we don’t do:

❌ Get bored with your account and pass it to an inexperienced intern, while charging you a fat retainer.
❌ Give you bad advice because it’s easy.
❌ Encourage you to engage in dubious marketing activity – such as creating fake reviews, exploiting people’s fears and greenwashing.
❌ Pretend we know stuff that we don’t or that we can do stuff that we can’t. We are a small agency with a big network of trusted freelancers and agencies. If your requirement is outside the scope of our expertise, we will recommend someone in our network to help you.
❌ Work with companies that do bad things.

We are also conscious of our carbon footprint and our waste. We are always looking for ways to reduce our impact on the Earth.